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When you need the manpower to effectively control the flow of traffic around your latest roadside construction project, come to Gage-It Construction. Our staff includes multiple Traffic Control Supervisors (TCS) on staff that can handle any amount of traffic volume.


Whether you just have a short-term lane closure or miles of highway work, we can provide safe traffic control for your work zone.

Keeping control of construction traffic

Renting traffic control equipment

If you'd prefer, we carry a large inventory of traffic control equipment and devices for rent, which we also use in our own traffic control services. Choose from a selection of roll-up signs, truck-mounted attenuators, arrow boards and portable changable message signs.


These devices are always regularly serviced and maintained. We can also provide you with drums, drum bases, traffic cones and barricades to further direct the flow of traffic around any road construction project.

Control the flow of traffic around your project


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