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Since 2000, Gage-It Construction has completely a number of different projects throughout the state of Oregon. We pride ourselves on the loyalty of our customers and hope that you will join their ranks. From guardrail installation to work zone traffic control, we offer a range of unique services you won't find elsewhere.

No job is too big for Gage-It Construction

Some of our previous projects include:

  • 11th St Rail Road Crossing (ODOT) Guardrail

  • Barnett Rd to Blue Heron Bear Creek bike path (ODOT)

  • Bear Camp Rd guardrail (BLM)

  • Bear Cr Bridge at Kirtland Rd (ODOT)

  • Bear Cr Bridge at Valley View Rd (ODOT)

  • Beaver Creek and Fish Trap Bridges (ODOT) Guardrail

  • Bundle 301 Eagle Mill, Neal Creek (ODOT)

  • Covered Bridge Road (ODOT)

  • Crater Lake Ave Owen to Coker Butte (City Med)

  • Crowson Cr to Rock Cr Rd (Jackson County)

  • Dollarhide and Steinman Bridges - Hwy 273 (ODOT)

  • Forest Wide Signing Replacement (DOA)

  • Garden Valley Blvd Browns Bridge (ODOT)

  • Graves Creek bridge (ODOT)

  • Hwy 138 Guardrail repair (ODOT) - various locations

  • Hwy 140 Buttler Cr RWIS Ice Signs (ODOT)

  • Hwy 140 Rocky Point paving and alignment (ODOT)

  • Hwy 199 Applegate Bridge repair (Josephine County)

  • Hwy 199 Dowel Rd to Rogue Community College (ODOT)

  • Hwy 199 Rogue Community College to Dowel Rd (ODOT)

  • Hwy 230 at Diamond Lake bridge rail replacement (ODOT)

  • Hwy 234 Dodge Bridge rail replacement (ODOT)

  • Hwy 50 Hatfield Junction (ODOT)

  • Hwy 62 / 140 Paving (ODOT)

  • Hwy 62 Corridor Solutions (ODOT)

  • Hwy 97 Chemult rest area (ODOT)

  • Hwy 99 North Ashland to South Valley View (ODOT)

  • Hwy 99 South Valley View to 4th St (ODOT)

  • I-5 Booth Ranch to Glendale (ODOT)

  • I-5 Clarks Branch to Tunnel Mill Race (ODOT) design build

  • I-5 Edenbower Interchange (ODOT) design build

  • I-5 Exit 14 interchange (ODOT)

  • I-5 Exit 19 interchange (ODOT)

  • I-5 Exit 55 bridge replacement (ODOT)

  • I-5 Exit 61 bridge replacement (ODOT)

  • I-5 Exit 99 permanent signing project (ODOT)

  • I-5 Foley Road bridge replacement (ODOT)

  • I-5 Frontage Road Pacific Hwy (ODOT)

  • I-5 Maulsby erosion control project (ODOT)

  • I-5 Myrtle Creek bridges (ODOT)

  • I-5 South Medford Interchange (ODOT)

  • I-5 Sutherlin to Elkhead (ODOT) Equipment Rental

  • I-5 Sutherlin to Roseburg (ODOT) design build

  • I-5 Weigh In Motion exit 113 (ODOT)

  • I-5 Willamette to Martin Cr (ODOT) Equipment Rental

  • I-84 Pendleton Paving Project (ODOT)

  • Jackson County bird and bat protection (ODOT)

  • Jackson County Guardrail (Jackson County) - various locations

  • John C Boyle Dam guardrail repair (Army Corp)

  • Larson Creek Bridge (City Medford) Traffic Control, Guardrail

  • LeGrand Island city strip (ODOT)

  • Little Applegate bridge repair (ODOT)

  • Lobster Creek bridge replacement (Coos County)

  • Loto St Bridge (Jackson County)

  • McAndrews at Crater Lake Ave intersection (City Med)

  • North Bank Chetco Rd (Curry County)

  • North Fork Sprague River Bridge (Klamath County)

  • OR 238 Janes Dr (Josephine County) Perm Signing

  • Penninger to Blackwell bike path (ODOT)

  • Region 2 Chip Seal (ODOT)

  • Region 3 Durable Striping (ODOT)

  • South 6th Hope to Patterson Klamath Falls (ODOT)

  • Steens Junction Burns South (ODOT)

  • Sucker Creek Bridge Replacement (Josephine County)

  • Talent Ave at Wagner Cr (ODOT)

  • Township Rd bridge replacement (Klamath County)

  • US 101 Constitution Way (ODOT)

  • US 101 Davis Slough – Second Street (ODOT) Guardrail

  • US 199 Laurel Ave to Cave Junction (ODOT)

  • US 199 Mp 16 passing lanes (ODOT)

  • US 199 Parkway (ODOT)

  • US 97 Modoc Point to Hagelstein Park (ODOT)

  • US 97 North Wocus to South 6th (ODOT)

  • US 97 OR 31 Junction Guardrail (ODOT)

  • US 99 to Hwy 238 (ODOT)

  • Welcome to Oregon Sign I-5 south (ODOT)

  • Williams Cr bridge replacement (ODOT)

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